The LNG Fuel Finder – a new service for LNGi

Just in time for Nor-Shipping, DNV GL will launch the LNG Fuel Finder – a new tool on its LNG business intelligence portal LNGi. The new LNG Fuel Finder service will allow shipowners and charterers to register their interest in using LNG as a ship fuel free of charge, connecting them directly with LNG suppliers. DNV GL has also introduced the option of signing up to a new lean version, where interested parties can access some of LNGi’s services and data free of charge.

The question of bunkering availability is still a major stumbling block for shipowners looking to make their first moves in LNG as a marine fuel. Information can be hard to find, and it remains challenging to keep track of new developments. Meanwhile, many LNG suppliers find it difficult to aggregate sufficient demand to justify investment decisions. “The LNG Fuel Finder helps these two parties come together, by providing shipowners with the opportunity to show the supply industry their interest in LNG bunkering. It also helps to overcome the high entry barrier for new suppliers to the market,” says Martin Wold, Senior Consultant Environmental Advisory at DNV GL – Maritime.

With the new tool, shipowners can quickly and easily inform LNG suppliers about their potential interest in bunkering LNG in specific locations. Shipowners and charterers will be able to login and submit a request for LNG bunkering for free, specifying location, volume and from which date they would like to bunker LNG – then, this information will be made available to LNG suppliers. The tool should prove especially useful for shipowners evaluating their fuel decision for newbuilds, who would like to efficiently confirm or dismiss the feasibility of the LNG option, and connect with all potential suppliers.

“In the future, we plan to incorporate additional market intelligence features in the tool,” adds Martin Wold. Alongside the launch of the LNG Fuel Finder there are also further optimizations to LNGi. Other new features include AIS tracking of LNG bunker vessels, additional data on LNG-fuelled ships, insights on the most frequently visited ports as well as the new lean version of LNGi, which is free of charge. The complete and comprehensive insights to LNG fuel developments remains available only to paying members of LNGi.

Source and more information: DNV GL