Motus Foundation at Transport Week

Last week, the team from the Motus Foundation participated in the Transport Week conference in Gdynia, Poland, which was organized by Actia Forum and Baltic Ports Organization. During the conference, the team, along with Marina Basso Michael, Regional Director Europe of Port of Hamburg Marketing, represented the Blue Supply Chains project, which is co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

Marina joined a discussion panel that focused on the potential risks of investing in European ports that may go unnoticed, and the team was excited to hear the insights shared during the panel.

Transport Week featured expert speakers and an engaged audience who discussed various topics related to the transport sector’s current state, including geopolitics, market analysis, and infrastructure development. Moreover, the conference also included the first edition of the Baltic Ports for Climate conference, which was organized in cooperation with the Baltic Ports Organization. This conference focused on analyzing the impact of climate change in the Baltic Sea Region and showcased several climate-related projects currently underway in Baltic ports.

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