Third SusMarTour Webinar – Sum Up

Last week you could attend the third SusMarTour webinar on the topic of Baltic Sea Region Tourism – Challenges Into Opportunities. This autumn event gathered seven excellent speakers connected and contributed to BSR Tourism.

Once again, we started the webinar with a warm welcoming speech given by Olga Zuin from the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Later on, we opened the official part of the webinar with the first presentation by Stefan Scheja from Ports of Stockholm, who told us how did their ports answer the recent cruise challenges. The next presentation by Tomasz Studzieniecki from Gdynia Maritime University was the introduction to the main topic of the webinar, with very important information on Tourism Destination Management in the BSR. Magda Leszczyna Rzucidło from EUSBSR – Policy Area Tourism Coordinator, covered the main topic of the event – BSR Tourism – Challenges Into Opportunities. Our fourth speaker Jennifer Iduh from the European Travel Commission explained to us how is the feature of the travel industry in the BSR. The next presentation by Heli Mäki-Fränti from the Association of Finnish Travel Industry focused on Finnish travel issues. Last but not least, Frank Tetzel from Image Network made very interesting remarks on sustainable and resilient tourism.

Thank you to all our speakers, and thank you for your contribution to the SusMarTour project!

Now, Motus Foundation, together with our project partners: Baltic Ports Organization and Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre would like to invite you to the Final Conference of the SusMarTour project at the beginning of December 2022. Stay tuned!

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Below you will find the video with the recorded webinar.