SusMarTour Final Conference in Ports of Stockholm

The Final Conference of SusMarTour was held on the 7th of December in the Ports of Stockholm. The project leader’s and partners’ representatives (the Motus Foundation and the Baltic Ports Organization together with the Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre) and other experts from the industry shared views on the most important aspects of the project.

At the beginning, Joanna Kniter from the Motus Foundation, Project Manager, welcomed the guests of the final event, introduced the topic of the SusMarTour, and summarized all project activities.

During the first session, Olga Zuin from the Council of the Baltic Sea States, Programme Coordinator, made a keynote speech, highlighting the importance of tourism in the BSR.

Ewelina Ziajka from the Actia Forum/the Baltic Ports Organization, Market Analysis Specialist, presented the first part of the project report on the current market situation in ferry and cruise transport, sustainable solutions in ferry transport, and major developments in ferry and cruise terminals in Baltic ports. Professor Vytautas Paulauskas from the Klaipeda Shipping Research Center, Habilitate Doctor, and Deep Sea Captain, spoke about the second part of the report – transport modeling using the graph theory and presenting possible future ro-pax lines in the Baltic Sea Region.

During the second session, Eike Otto from the Tourism and Regional Development, Consultant, talked about the development of Sustainable and Resilient Tourism in the BSR. Egle Lizaityte from the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Managing Director, focused on Weathering Post Pandemic Haze presenting the case of Lithuanian Tourism and Hospitality. Last but not least, Iwona Slojka from the Cross Baltica Sweden AB, Project Leader, brought us closer the ideas of the Future of the SusMarTour Project.

So what is an actual future of the project? You will find out soon, we are working dynamically to provide you with a developed idea for the SusMarTour.

The project was initiated and sponsored by the Council of the Baltic Sea States, Project Support Facility. The Final Conference was organized by the Motus Foundation, the Project Leader.

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Watch the SusMarTour Final Conference here: