Naming Ceremony for the world’s second dual fuel LNG PCTC

It was an exciting day with representatives of UECC’s owners (NYK and Wallenius), UECC’s customers and partners who had gathered to celebrate this occasion. Despite a rare heavy snowfall that had not happened in Malmö for many years, there was still a high level of energy in the atmosphere as we gathered for the traditional christening ceremony. The remarkable energy we had held a deep significance to this event.

Mr. Bjorn Svenningsen (Head of Sales & Marketing/UECC) was the Master of Ceremony and he welcomed the guests with an introduction to the history of naming ceremonies held in Malmö. Distinguished guests were also introduced to the audience. We were honoured to have Mrs. Eva Kleberg, wife of Mr. Jonas Kleberg (Owner and Chairman of Wallenius Lines), as The Godmother of M/V AUTO ENERGY.

We also had the privilege of Mrs. Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, the Mayor of Malmö gracing the event. Joining the event were also Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry (President of the World Maritime University), Mr. Johan Röstin (CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port) and Mr. Takao Kusakari (Senior Advisor of NYK Line).

Mr. Glenn Edvardsen (CEO/UECC) gave his speech, “As active members of society, we all have a shared obligation to do our part of creating a greener, more sustainable world. For UECC personnel both at sea and on land, this vessel makes us really proud, which is a heartfelt comment and sentiment shared by many, and hope you all really appreciate the exciting step UECC is taking towards a greener and more environmentally friendly shipping.

It is also the first PCTC of its kind in the world to be fitted with a dual-fuel LNG propulsion system, allowing it to complete a fourteen-day round -trip voyage solely on LNG without refuelling. AUTO ENERGY not only meets existing emissions regulations but also exceeds them, allowing her to trade in any Environment Control Area, worldwide.

She is also constructed to meet the highest ice class standard: Super 1A Finish /Swedish Ice Class. I am confident that our customers will value her flexibility, the moveable decks and increased ramp capacity, which have been strengthened to allow High & Heavy cargo, or in fact to carry almost any kind of rolling stock. By running on LNG, we can greatly help to reduce the overall emissions throughout the supply chain. AUTO ENERGY will continue to help UECC achieve its vision: „The leading provider of short sea Ro/Ro transport in Europe.”

We also had speeches from the following VIPs.

Mrs. Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (Mayor of Malmö)
„We are very happy and proud that the United European Car Carriers (UECC) has chosen to have the naming ceremony of AUTO ENERGY here. I actually want to congratulate UECC for picking the perfect place for this. Indeed, for Malmö, the industrial shipyard of this city for several decades formed the backbone of our economy and employed thousands of Malmö residents.
The city of Malmö has for a long time focused on sustainable development and in the year 2030, Malmö plans on running on 100% renewable energy. Therefore, we are delighted that companies like UECC have this as a part of their core mission as well – to take environmental responsibility. This goes hand in hand with our city’s main priorities. The industries of the future make sustainability a priority and here UECC is already taking the lead. We do hope that many other companies will follow your example.”

Mr. Jonas Kleberg (Owner and Chairman of Wallenius Lines)
“This is quite an emotional day. I was here 30 years ago, as a young man together with my family and my grandmother when we had naming ceremonies for our Kockum newbuildings. At that time, they were really state of the art vessels. Today I stand here in front of one of the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced PCTC’s ever built. It’s almost like a dream come through.

Wallenius environmental work began 20 years ago. It’s been a tough voyage, and we haven’t always been applauded for our ambitions. But we managed, together with our partner NYK who share our vision, and the UECC management who fully committed to and realised this global project. Joined by the shipyard NACKS who carried out a fantastic job. This project proofs we accomplish so much together, people from all over the globe, when we work together.”

Mr. Johan Röstin (CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB)
“We are proud that UECC has chosen to name its new, environmentally friendly ship here with us in Malmö, but above all that we have the opportunity to collaborate with UECC which, just like CMP, prioritises sustainability issues. The fact that Malmö is an important port for UECC strengthens CMP’s role as a logistics hub in the Baltic. AUTO ENERGY has an enormous load capacity, which means that CMP has the opportunity to handle more cars. We handled a total of almost 400,000 cars during 2016, but our ambition is to pass 600,000 within a few years. Rising volumes also place higher requirements on both ports and shipping companies to take even greater responsibility to reduce their environmental impact. The fact that UECC is taking the lead and venturing to invest in new technology in launching two LNG-powered ships in a short space of time is completely in line with this, and is positive for the Baltic region as a whole, as it significantly reduces emissions.”

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry (President of the World Maritime University)
“Today’s naming ceremony for the new ship “AUTO ENERGY” cannot be timelier. It is a fitting and concrete demonstration of what shipping companies can do. AUTO ENERGY is the second of two sister ships, the other AUTO ECO, was named on 21 November 2016, making them the first two dual fuel LNG Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) ships that have been built. These new, unique vessels are equipped with dual-fuel engines that can use either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or heavy fuel oil and marine gas oil. This development solidifies the role and place of UECC as the company with the largest LNG installation of its kind on a pure car and truck carrier. It is now the world’s leading dual fuel company with its firm and evidenced-based commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions along with air pollutants (such as SOx and NOx) and to climate change.

Low carbon shipping can provide a helping hand in the mitigation of climate change. There are three interrelated routes to action:
· Using cleaner fuels or emission abatement technologies on- board ships such as LNG or scrubbers
· Increasing the energy efficiency level of ships
· Employing renewable energy onboard ships to propel fully (or at least partially) a commercially sized merchant ship.

In this respect, in addition to naming “AUTO ENERGY”, UECC will always be appreciated for being a key actor in the industry with an important role to achieve a low carbon and an energy efficient maritime future. This can also be considered as one of the first achievements for the year 2017 in the context of IMO World Maritime Day theme for 2017 „Connecting Ships, Ports and People”.”

The Naming Ceremony concluded with Mr. Bjorn Svenningsen closing the ceremony and the rest of the event continued with a seating lunch within the Cruise Terminal. After lunch, all the guests had the chance to tour the magnificent vessel.

With the addition of the AUTO ENERGY to the family, UECC assumes the role of a technological pioneer through the characteristics of this unique vessel. AUTO ENERGY, a Dual Fuel LNG PCTC for cleaner and more environmentally friendly operations, also improves the reliability and competitiveness of UECC in the market, providing stability and efficient services to our customers.
Source and more information: UECC