Motus Foundation at the Baltic Ports Conference 2023

Last week, the Motus Foundation participated in this year’s edition of the Baltic Ports Conference, organized by the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO), and held in Ystad, Sweden on 6-8 September. Representatives of two of the project’s we’re involved in – HYPOBATT and Blue Supply Chains – were along for the ride.

Guido Gommer (WABTEC), representing HYPOBATT, gave a brief overview of the initiative, during the session focused on electrification as a key tool for combating climate change. The presentation added a further, interesting take on one of the many various facets comprising the broad and complex topic of electrification within the maritime sector.

Emphasizing the need for the standardization of charging solutions and the importance of flexibility and efficiency, Guido also went into technical detail, speaking about the challenges that the HYPOBATT team is currently working on. One of these was the fact, that marine vessels are always equipped with two batteries that need to be charged separately. Charging needs to be accomplished while having access to only one cable, an interesting hurdle to be overcome and currently being brainstormed by the project’s partners.

Inga Gurries (Port of Hamburg), representing Blue Supply Chains, shared her experience during the discussion panel focused on the intricacies of shore power installation placement and its viability in the next 10-20 years. Space management is an essential challenge to tackle for many ports when planning various infrastructure-related projects.

A thorough understanding of current and future needs in terms of space allocation must be considered at every stage of any expansion plans. Shore power can be a vital tool in the process of decarbonization of the maritime sector but, as with any other investment, it needs to be approached in a smart and efficient way, always considering the unique characteristics of a given port.


You can read more about HYPOBATT here.

You can read more about Blue Supply Chains here.

BPO Ystad Climate Declaration

The event also saw the signing of the BPO Ystad Climate Declaration. Members of the BPO declared their readiness to put forth the best effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from port activities, inspire environmental consciousness and cooperate with business partners and a wide range of stakeholders in order to protect our climate.

The BPO Ystad Climate Declaration supports the plan formulated by the EC. At the same time the signees would like to emphasize the need for a practical and rational approach, combined with transparent dialogue between the maritime industry and the policymakers as key for making a carbon neutral Europe a reality. The goals must be achievable, with clearly outlined targets and the required financial and legislative support must be provided.

You can access the full document under this link.


Overall, the conference gathered over 100 participants, with discussions focusing mainly on what is necessary for the Baltic ports sector to remain proactive and resilient in times characterized by a wide range of challenges.

Next edition of the Baltic Ports Conference will be held in Klaipeda in September 2024. Motus will definitely not miss it!