Innovation Days 2021 Event Sum-up

The event took place on the 28th of April, with a constant of 30-40 live viewers and overall 118 visitors!

From the presented materials we can draw the following conclusions:


LNG/BioLNG is still holding a strong position to be the current transition fuel and to remain for the next few decades. Hydrogen, being an important part of the European Green Deal, is one of the leading future fuel solutions and is explored both as direct liquid fuel and potentially as a fuel cell solution. Onshore power supply (OPS) represents an important solution to limit pollution and emissions caused by the ships at berth. Other alternative fuels such as methanol and ammonia are currently explored by the maritime and transport sectors. Ammonia is underlined as one of the fuels of the future due to the advantage that it is a shipped commodity and is much cheaper to produce and more easily stored than hydrogen. All these “future fuels“, are highly prioritised by the EU Commission and the associated co-financing programmes related to the deployment of sustainable infrastructure for ships, transport and regional industry.

A full recording of the event is available to watch here.