LNG Conference 2018 – coming to Helsinki in June 2018!

This year’s edition of the LNG Conference will take us to Helsinki, Finland and on a trip on Tallink’s „Megastar” ferry. Taking place on 7-8/6/2018, the event, gathering leading stakeholders and expert speakers, will focus on the most relevant topics surrounding the LNG industry in Europe and the Baltic region.

A brief overview of topics can be found below:

– (over)supply vs demand – market snapshot

– does LNG really compete with the other alternatives or is it a game changer?

– major players in the gas market – geopolitical impact on the Baltic region

– LNG modularization – the answer to the needs of tomorrow’s market?

– retrofitting – benefits and challenges

– … and more!

The venue(s)

Port of Helsinki is our host for DAY 1, putting all participants right at the center of LNG infrastructure development in Europe. Our guests will have the chance to talk shop while at the same time enjoying the beautiful interiors of the Helsinki City Hall.

While it is hard to believe, DAY 2 might prove even more exciting! The second day of the conference will take place onboard Tallink’s LNG-fueled ferry – the “Megastar”. It is a chance to experience the future firsthand.

You can find the full agenda and more information on the event website or contact us directly at marta@actiaforum.pl if you’d like to become a part of the most important LNG events of the year.